HSEJV is an unincorporated joint venture between Haslin Constructions and Stephen Edwards Constructions, engaged by Sydney Metro to upgrade Marrickville, Canterbury and Lakemba stations.
Lift Installation at Canterbury Station, July 2022
The works, which commenced in 2021, include:

    •    Upgrading and re-levelling existing platforms to provide level access to the new metro trains;
    •    Two new lifts at Canterbury Station, connecting the concourse to Platforms 1 and 2;
    •    New family-accessible toilet at Canterbury Station;
    •    Upgrades to stations like painting, improved lighting, tiling and paving;
    •    Upgrading security fencing to the rail corridor, including installing anti-throw screens on existing overbridges; and
    •    Improvements to interchanges including bike parking, taxi spaces, kiss and ride and accessible parking.
The stations will also be prepared for the installation of platform screen doors. These glass safety barriers keep people and objects like prams away from the tracks and are being used for the first time in Australia on Sydney Metro. Metro services on the upgraded Bankstown Line start in 2024, when customers will have a train every four minutes in each direction in the peak – that’s 15 trains an hour each way. Currently, some stations like Wiley Park and Canterbury only have four trains an hour.